May 21, 2019
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Youth climate strikers join forces with Stop Trump Coalition ahead of 4 June protests

The UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN) has joined the Stop Trump Coalition this week. It comes ahead of a youth climate strike on Friday and Trump’s state visit to the UK in early June.

Huge numbers are expected to join the Carnival of Resistance at an action in central London on 4 June and in regional activities around the UK. As with 2018, the Carnival will be loud, diverse and creative with communities and groups making their feelings about Trumpism felt through music, dance and art.

Themed areas will feature throughout the action with climate justice as a key issue.

The Stop Trump Coalition said: “UKSCN has brought the climate crisis to the forefront of public awareness in the UK. The youth climate strikes – one of which is happening just 9 days before Trump’s visit – are sending a very powerful message that young people just won’t accept the denial of the climate crisis, something Trump is guilty of.

“It’s such an important area of focus because it links with pretty much every area of social and economic injustice that Trump’s administration facilitates. The people most impacted by the climate crisis are likely to be women, migrants, the less well off – all the people Trump’s discriminatory policies target.”

UKSCN said: “We’re at a crucial juncture in time that requires collective effort to fight for climate justice to ensure we have a healthy, liveable future for both people and planet. We are pleased to be taking a stand against the policies of climate denial and delaying. We now need those in positions of power to become true climate leaders.”


Notes to Editors

Protestors will gather on 24 May from 11am in Parliament Square for the London Youth Climate Strike. Details on regional actions here. More about UKSCN.

Protestors will gather on 4 June from 11am in Trafalgar Square for the Together Against Trump London demonstration. Details on regional actions here. More about the Stop Trump Coalition.

250,000 people were part of the 2018 Carnival of Resistance protest in London with another 150,000 joining actions elsewhere in the UK.

Call Gemma Walker on 07940 323640 for more details or for interviews with spokespeople from the STC, call Jake Woodier on 07596 205 947 for spokespeople from UKSCN.