Stop Trump, stop the trade deal

The British government is rushing to do a trade deal with Donald Trump’s administration ahead of the US elections in November.

This deal could lead to the NHS being opened up to American healthcare companies, chlorinated chicken and lower food standards, forced deregulation of the UK’s environmental laws, workers’ rights and rights to data privacy, and new rules that make it impossible to take effective action on the climate crisis.

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24 October

Hands off our food

A US trade deal would mean the infamous chlorinated chicken, as well as hormone-injected beef and other nasties flooding into our food. US food regulations are dire, allowing everything from pus in milk to toxic metals in baby food.

Hands off our NHS

US pharmaceutical firms can’t wait to get their hands on the NHS. Drug prices in the US are four times higher than in the UK, and the US Big Pharma lobby wants to force our NHS to pay much more. Trump agrees with them, calling us ‘freeloaders’.

Stop the corporate takeover

A US trade deal gives their corporations a veto on our government’s policy, using a ‘corporate courts’ system. If any future UK government tried to do something that might ‘damage corporate profits’ – such as climate regulation or better workers’ rights – US corporations could sue as part of the deal.

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