March 6, 2017

New #MuslimBan, same old ‘naked Islamophobia’

Responding to the news that president Trump was relaunching a modified version of the controversial ‘Muslim Ban,’ a spokesperson for the Stop Trump coalition said:

“However much Trump and Tillerson fiddle with details such as the timing and list of countries of the Muslim Ban, it remains one of the most restrictive and repulsive pieces of legislation to be enacted in modern times. It is exactly this sort of naked Islamophobia that has provoked tens of thousands of people across the UK to take to the streets to show their disgust at the prospect of a state visit from President Trump.

“Trump’s refusal to accept more refugees displays a chilling inhumanity to some of the world’s most desperate and disenfranchised peoples. Sadly the UK government is mirroring this brutal policy through its refusal to accept any more child refugees by closing down the Dubs amendment. UK politicians should show their disgust at Trump’s shocking lack of compassion by redoubling our efforts to resettle those who are fleeing repression and war-torn countries.”