Trump is due back in the UK in December and when he arrives, we will be waiting. Organising the Carnival of Resistance costs money so help us get started on the protest fund by chipping in whatever you can – any amount will make a difference.

• £5 will pay for 7 placards so that protestors can get their message across loud and clear. 
• £10 will fund one person to make a coach journey to join a protest in their chosen UK city. 
• £20 will buy 200 balloons to make the Carnival visible from every angle. 
• £50 will get us 30 high-vis jackets for our stewards who will keep protestors safe and informed on the day.

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Target: £15,000

From 866 donations

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Recent donations

Smoke & Salt  £25 

Robert Pite  £50 

Nigel Young  £10 

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Anonymous  £10 

Anonymous  £5 

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MSO  £50 

Anonymous  £20 

Jackie Sanders  £50 

Another way you can contribute is by buying a bespoke protest t-shirt. Get yours here.