February 10, 2017

Campaigners claim victory as Parliament rules out Trump speech

Campaigners have welcomed the announcement that Donald Trump will not address Parliament in his upcoming state visit.

A spokesperson for the Stop Trump Coalition, which is planning to bring up to 1 million people onto the streets when Trump comes to London, said:

“The government is on the run. Faced with mounting protests and opposition to Theresa May’s sordid alliance with Donald Trump, they are in retreat. Because of the growing movement against Trump, the government have been forced to cancel this bigoted megalomaniac’s address of Parliament.

“They know that the people of Britain will flood to the streets because of their disgust at the racism and bigotry he represents.

“With the government losing this battle, now is the time to up the ante. When Parliament debates the state visit on 20th February, thousands will again take to the streets. Alongside One Day Without Us, we will challenge hatred against migrants, refugees, Muslims, women, LGBT people and minorities. The politics of hope will defeat hatred.”

Stop Trump Coalition and One Day Without US are organising actions all over the country on the 20th February. In London, over ten thousand of people are expected to gather in Parliament Square.