June 4, 2019
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75,000 turn out for Stop Trump protest

75,000 people have been out on the streets of London today to protest during Trump’s state visit. They were joined by groups taking action all over the UK.

Protests this morning began with the return of Baby Trump flying over Parliament Square. Trump’s motorcade was forced to drive by just hours after the President said he had not seen any demonstrations during his visit.

Shortly afterwards protesters gathered in Trafalgar Square for music, dance performances and placard making before moving on to Whitehall and ultimately Parliament Square.

A Stop Trump Coalition spokesperson said: “We were right outside Downing Street during Trump’s meeting with Theresa May. Tens of thousands of voices joining together, despite the rain, despite it being a Tuesday afternoon, to make their feelings about Trump and his divisive politics clear.”

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn spoke from the stage at Whitehall saying: “I say to our visitors that have arrived this week, think on please about a world that is one of peace and disarmament, is one that recognises the values of all people, is a world that defeats racism, defeats misogyny, defeats religious hatreds that are being fuelled by the far right in politics in Britain, in Europe and the United States.

“Together we can make a big difference, together we can change this world, together we can bring about peace and justice. And via our demonstration here today we show just how determined we, all of us are, to achieve that better place and a better world.”

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