July 13, 2018
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250,000 people protest Trump’s visit in largest UK demonstration for a decade

More than 250,000 people were on the streets of central London today to protest against the visit of Donald Trump.

The Together Against Trump demonstration, against the hate and divisiveness of Trump’s agenda and its normalisation by the UK government, is one of the biggest ever seen in the capital.

A Stop Trump Coalition spokesperson said: “It has been such an extraordinary day. This event, this carnival of resistance, has brought together seasoned activists with first time protestors and given every person here the chance to show how much we value unity and diversity in the UK. We haven’t seen this many people protesting in London for over a decade when hundreds of thousands came out to oppose the Iraq war. Today people made their voices heard, not just about Trump but about the normalisation of Trump-esque policies by Theresa May.

“Every day people are drowning in the Mediterranean Sea when all they’re guilty of is looking for a safe haven and a dignified life. The British government has a disgraceful record on refugees and asylum seekers and we have to fight to put an end to the hostile environment in this country. We must fight the idea that immigrants are to blame for the social crisis in this country – that is the result of the conscious policy of our political and economic establishment.”

Leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn received massive applause when he addressed the crowd in Trafalgar Square saying: “We’re asserting our right to free speech and our right to demonstrate for a better world. When we divide ourselves by racism, misogyny and hate, we all lose. When we are united in hope, with common goals, we can all win.”


Notes to editors

Actions have been taking place across the UK, in more than 50 cities. A major protest will be happening in Edinburgh tomorrow.

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